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Finally, a bailout for the rest of us - in the form of government grants.  Finally, a way for real estate investors and real estate owners to get the money they need to take advantage of today's unprecedented investment opportunities.  And it's all here, in The New American Land Rush:  How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money.


My name is Jillian Coleman Wheeler, and I’ve spent 30 years helping people get government grants, as well as foundation and corporate grants.  I’ve gotten real estate grants for clients, and for myself.  I’m familiar with these programs, and I think it’s time other people find out about them, too.

You're visiting this page at the perfect time!  Keep reading, and in just a few minutes I'll tell you why...Today, more than any time in recent decades, there are incredible real estate buying opportunities.  Prices are down, and foreclosed properties are sitting on the market, waiting for buyers.

At the same time, however, it's harder than ever to get financing! 

There is an answer to this dilemma, and I think it's time for YOU to have that answer.

For years, information about government real estate programs, and the huge amounts offered in outright grants as well as low-cost loans, has remained hidden behind the curtain of government bureaucracy.  Finally, it’s available to you.  

Ask yourself this question: "How much could I make if I knew how to buy real estate with government money?"

Imagine owning an entire apartment complex free and clear, with government money.  Imagine going to your mailbox every month; you open it up and the checks pour out.  And you have no mortgage payment.  Can you imagine how much money you would make?

It happened for me.  I bought an apartment complex and paid for it 100% through a government grant.  The project served single parents and their children.  All the rental income was mine.  I owned it for nine years, and when I sold it, the profit was mine.  

What could you do with these programs?

Imagine owning rental property – houses, duplexes, apartment complexes – and every month the income from those properties flows into your bank account.  Imagine being able to spend unlimited time with your family, take wonderful trips, afford great colleges for your kids.  Imagine guaranteeing yourself a secure retirement.

Imagine finally moving out of that apartment, and into a home of your own.  Walls you can paint any color you want.  A back yard for planting flowers.  With payments you can easily manage.  

  • If you’re new to real estate investing, there are government grants that can help you buy all types of developed and undeveloped real estate.  If you’re an established investor looking for more capital, Uncle Sam is ready to help. 

  • If you want that first house, or you need to repair your present house, there’s a whole buffet table chock full of programs for you, too.

  • And if you work for a non-profit agency, or have ideas for creating more good housing opportunities in your community, the government is ready to help you accomplish your goals as well.

(Are you ready for The New American Land Rush?  Are you ready to get rich on government money?

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If you're serious about making big money in real estate, you must learn about these programs, and how you can benefit. 

Here are some critical questions:

  • How can private real estate investors use government money?

  • How does a business use government money to buy real estate?

  • Where do I find those literally thousands of federal and state government programs to help ME buy real estate?

And for individual homebuyers or homeowners, those active in non-profit or community organizations, or in local government:

  • How can a first-time homebuyer get a grant?

  • How do I get grants to "fix-up" existing property?

  • How does a non-profit  or community organization, or a local governmental entity, use government money to buy real estate?

I want to share with you the answers to these questions.

I’ve interviewed ordinary people who’ve benefited from government programs and written their stories, searched relevant Internet sites, pored over thousands of pages of government manuals, reviewed countless proposals, and compiled every single available program into one easy-to-use home study course.  It’s called:

The New American Land Rush:
How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money

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Why is real estate the best investment?

Of all the investments you could make, nothing else measures up to real estate.  Historically, real estate goes up in value faster than almost any other commodity.  If there’s a dip in real estate values one year, the next year the appreciation curve shoots up.   

Think about any house in your town.  What’s it worth today?  What could you have bought it for ten years ago?

No matter where you live in the United States, except for a very few sleepy communities, real estate prices are skyrocketing.  Americans are finding it harder and harder to buy homes, or even to afford decent rental property. 

The federal government in Washington, all 50 states, and every major city have made affordable housing a priority.  In other words, governments at every level are committed to increasing the stock of affordable housing in this country, by investing in real estate. 

How do they do that?  By offering generous grants, subsidies and low-cost loans to citizens who are willing to buy real estate properties, or build, and put that property back into the pool of affordable housing. 

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Isn't this too good to be true?

Absolutely not - if you have access to the right information.  You see, there are thousands of real estate programs funded, directly or indirectly, by the government.  But unfortunately, most people don’t even know they exist.  Or if they’ve heard of them, they don’t know where to go for information.

You could call government agencies, and you’d learn about some of the programs.  You could do research on the Internet, and you’d find some more.  Problem is, there are so many programs, through so many hundreds of agencies, at so many levels of government and through so many different community programs – well, finding them all, or even most of them, is virtually impossible.

That’s why I’ve produced this home study course.

The New American Land Rush:
How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money

I’ve used government real estate programs to provide a wonderful life for my family for fifteen years.  Programs change all the time, so the specific examples I use may not apply at the time you read this.  But other new, exciting opportunities are constantly being created.

You've already read about the apartment complex I bought 100% with government money.  I lived on the income, then I sold it and kept the profits.  The grant was tax-free.

I bought a spacious, lovely house through a special government auction program, for $595.  My son and my daughter each bought 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom houses under the same program. 

One house cost $586.  The other cost $475.  (Yes, those numbers were: five hundred ninety-five dollars, five hundred eighty-six dollars, and four hundred seventy-five dollars.  These are not misprints.) 

My kids were in college at the time.  I was so grateful I had the knowledge to share this program with them, and to be able to give them that kind of a start on grownup life.

My daughter still owns her house.  A few years ago when she and her husband decided to divorce, she moved back into this spacious house, situated on a tree-covered acre, with her four children.  What a blessing for her.  She didn’t have to leave her children and struggle to find a job to pay the rent.  Instead, she had choices.  She could stay home and raise her own kids, which was important to her. 

My son sold his house when he took a job in Houston.  With the equity, he bought a beautiful new home for his wife and family.  While friends his age were scrimping and worrying about getting together a down payment for a starter house, he moved his family into a gorgeous two-story brick home in an excellent neighborhood.

Brian, one of my clients, owned an apartment complex that required some major renovation.  He needed several hundred thousand dollars to get it back in shape, and he didn’t have the cash.  He applied for and received a grant to pay for all the renovations and convert the entire project to housing for senior citizens – the best tenants a landlord could have.

The oldest African-American church in Austin, Texas, had a problem – many elderly members whose retirement income didn’t cover their rental expenses.  The solution?  The church formed a non-profit corporation, got several grants and built its own housing.

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The New American Land Rush:
How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money

Quite simply, it's the only resource of its kind in existence.

So what's in this home study course?

A listing of every single federal program related to real estate, how to qualify, and contact information for program managers.  

Listings of the housing programs active in every state in the union, how to qualify, and contact information.

Full and complete descriptions of all the major programs, in plain English the average person can understand and use.

Information on little-known programs such as reverse mortgages and homeownership vouchers.

Where to go to get a down payment grant.

How individuals can get grants for home repairs and renovation.

Where to get a great deal on a home by using “sweat equity”.

The lowdown on how to buy buildings and move them on to your own property.

Ten federal agencies (and two related sources) that offer single-families homes for sale at discounted prices. 

Four agencies with discounted multi-family properties for sale.

How to get protection against foreclosure if you’re in the military.

Special housing deals available only to police officers.

Special housing deals for teachers.

Information on programs individuals and businesses can use to buy multi-family housing.

Programs individuals and businesses can use to buy rent houses and duplexes.

Programs that allow for-profit developers to purchase and rehab multi-family properties.

Programs for-profit developers can utilize to build apartment complexes or housing developments.

Programs that pay community organizations to help neighbors buy houses.    

A $48,000 housing grant for disabled veterans.

Listings of agencies in every area of the country that will walk you through the homebuying process, including credit repair, loan counseling, and personalized guidance to government programs.  

Information on grants to renovate and update rental properties.

Case studies of individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations that have successfully used government programs to acquire real estate.

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In addition, buyers of this unique program will receive several valuable bonuses:

The Truth About Grants

A one-hour CD that gives you all the information you need to understand the world of grants – without the hype.  Learn about the different kinds of grants, various types of funders, and how to start getting your share of the hundreds of billions of dollars in this “parallel economy”.   

Grants and Real Estate

This one-hour CD provides an in-depth overview of government real estate programs.  Provides an excellent introduction to the subject, and prepares you to take maximum advantage of the home study course as you find the particular programs that are right for you.

What You Absolutely Must Know to Get a Government Grant

This is the bible – everything you need to know in advance to deal with government agencies and program managers, plus a step-by-step guide to writing winning proposals.


100% Money Back Guarantee Good for One Full Year

Keep this home study course up to one full year, and try it for yourself.  If you use the program and apply for a government real estate grant or loan program - and are turned down - simply return the product, along with a copy of your proposal and a letter of denial from the agency, and we will cheerfully refund the cost of the course at time of purchase (less a small restocking charge) .


Let me share with you the comments of some industry experts

who have reviewed this amazing home study course:  

“Jillian shows you exactly where the money is already piled up, just waiting for you. Plus, she gives you a step-by-step method to walk in and shovel out all you want. A wide open door to billions in free money, and most people don't even know it's there -- what kind of advantage will that give you?” 

Charles Burke, author of The Sizzling Edge international newsletter.


“I’ve been investing in real estate for years, and before that I ran affordable housing programs for city government and private agencies.  I know something about government real estate programs.  But Jillian has introduced me to hundreds of resources I would never have found on my own.  Best of all, in this home study course she’s laid them out so they’re easy to find and completely understandable for the average citizen.”  

Irma Facundo, real estate investor and author of “Build Wealth with Creative Real Estate Investment Tactics”.



"I’ve spent most of my working life in state government and on the staff of a private foundation. Never have I seen a resource like this home study course!  Now at last ordinary people as well as employees of non-profit agencies can go to one single source and learn about virtually every government program in America related to real estate.”  

Patricia Cuney, J.D.  


Act now before budget cuts kill program!   

You're probably asking, isn't this kind of information going to cost me thousands of dollars?

I teach a very popular nine-week class on finding and applying for grant funds, and the tuition for that class is approximately $2,300.  Given the comprehensive nature of this home study course and all the bonus material, my mastermind group of marketing experts suggested I price the product at around $5,000.

I didn't want the price to be that high, however.

You deserve to have access to this product, as soon as possible.  These programs are under-utilized.  The government wants you to know about them, but they've never done a good job of getting the word out.  I want my customers to have access to these programs - and to start making money  - now.  So, I decided to price the product at $1497.  At times we've offered specials as low as $897.

Remember earlier, I promised to tell you why TODAY is the day to buy?  Here's why...

Right now we're in the process of redesigning this program, to make it video-based.  The information is current, but I want to update the presentation to reflect the new emphasis on video rather than just audio and print. 

But before that new program comes online, I need to get rid of the product I now have stored. 

Last year, when the last of our kids headed off to college, my husband and I downsized and moved into a smaller home.  Product packages went into an air-conditioned, security protected storage facility.  The New American Land Rush: How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money packages are there now - and we have to get them out the door!

So here's the deal. 

We've slashed the price for these packages.  There are a limited number, but for as long as they last, you can purchase this absolutely unique program for only $597.

This home study course is a physical product that will be shipped to you, so you can refer to it over and over again.  It's priceless information that can literally turn your real estate investment business around.

You know the state of the economy.  You know how stingy the banks are when it comes to getting loans to invest.  Government grants and low-cost loan programs are the missing piece of the puzzle - but most people don't have any idea how they work, or how much money is really available.

Here's YOUR advantage:

The New American Land Rush:
How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money

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this physical product.  Buyers will also receive access to all online updates!)


Only $597!


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Don't wait another minute - government money is waiting for you.


Jillian Coleman Wheeler

P. S.

If you order immediately, I’ll throw in yet another bonus:

Sample Real Estate Grant Proposal

I am including (just for customers who order immediately) an actual real estate government grant proposal.  This well-crafted proposal will serve as a template when you begin applying for government money for your projects!


This pricing may be increased at any time.

Order The New American Land Rush: How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money today!

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